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Sunrise Energy Ventures Opens Office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sunrise Energy Ventures Opens Office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Sunrise Energy Ventures announced today it has expanded operations in Canada by opening an office in Toronto, Ontario. “The Canadian solar market is growing rapidly as the country embraces renewable energy,” said Dean Leischow, chief executive officer of Sunrise Energy Ventures. “We are pleased to have a presence in Toronto to respond to and serve the expanding demand for solar installations.” When embarking on a solar installation, a company or investor must first understand the individual requirements and laws of the local community, including permitting, land use agreements, regulatory and zoning compliance, community relations, constructions contracts, and more. Sunrise Energy Ventures has a large network of relationships and manages every last detail necessary to bring a project from start to finish. Sunrise has kept pace with the Canadian market and is in a unique position to serve customers in Canada with its proximity and industry expertise.

The new office is located and can be contacted at:
88 Queens Quay West, Suite 2500 Toronto, ON MSJ-OB8
Tel (647) 256-5183

Sunrise Energy Ventures has developed 65 solar installations generating 100 megawatts, which is the equivalent to 25,000 households. Sunrise Energy Ventures currently has over 50 megawatts under development. About Sunrise Energy Ventures. Sunrise Energy Ventures is a solar energy development company bringing high-quality solar energy installations to communities across the United States and Canada. It brings vast expertise, industry knowledge, and business acumen to build and deliver solar energy projects that provide communities a sustainable source of clean energy and investors a viable and high-value asset providing a meaningful and stable return on investment.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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