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SunSystem Technology Acquires Solar Operations and Maintenance Provider, Power Overhaul

SunSystem Technology Acquires Solar Operations and Maintenance Provider, Power Overhaul


SACRAMENTO, Calif.: SunSystem Technology (SST) announced today that the company has acquired New Jersey-based operations and maintenance (O&M) provider, Power Overhaul. The transaction will unify the operations and field technicians of both companies, providing additional resources to partners, solar site owners, and portfolio owners. The deal solidifies SST as the nation’s largest 3rd party residential service provider. Collectively, the two companies have serviced over 160,000 residential and commercial systems across 20 U.S. states.

“Our perspectives on where the solar industry will be in the next 3, 5, and 10 years are completely aligned,” says Matthew Alestra, CEO of Power Overhaul. “Combining resources with SunSystem will provide the solar industry with an independent service provider that is dedicated to keeping the nation’s PV infrastructure functioning at a high level.”

The acquisition expands SST’s services and footprint in the U.S. solar O&M market. The combined entity will offer enhanced certification, training, experience, and strategically placed skilled technicians to its base of customers. SST’s scale and geographic coverage will help customers realize cost savings in their residential and commercial service portfolios.

“The reputation of Power Overhaul’s quality and geographic coverage made it a good fit for SST and its partners,” says Derek Chase, CEO of SunSystem Technology. “They share the vision that solar O&M can be vastly improved through route density and predictive maintenance. The expanded operations and new leadership on the east coast will provide our clients with faster response times, greater breadth of service, and improved customer satisfaction. SST’s mission is to lead the industry in customer service, increased system performance, quality, and safety for anyone who owns or invests in a solar asset.

About SunSystem Technology

As a solar operations and maintenance (O&M) and asset management company, SunSystem Technology has deep experience in post-installation PV services ensuring optimal financial performance of a single solar site or an entire portfolio of solar assets. SST has a complete understanding of technical factors within PV operations that influence positive financial performance. The standards of excellence that SST has established drive the company’s performance as a leader of residential, commercial and utility-scale PV solar O&M services.

Source: SunSystem Technology, LLC
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