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Nuclear power’s future is threatened by a mix of solar, wind and batteries

A mix of solar, wind and batteries threatens the future of nuclear power, Stars and Stripes By WILL WADE | Bloomberg  September 28, 2019 The natural gas boom is killing America’s nuclear industry. Wind and solar may finish the job……. Battery prices have plunged 85% from 2010 through 2018, and huge storage plants are planned in California […]

Wind Turbine Models included in the RLMM after declaration of new procedure (i.e 01 November 2018)

America Should Spend More on Making Better Batteries, Moniz Says

Report identifies advanced nuclear reactors and carbon capture and storage among the other technologies the U.S. should focus on. America should spend more money and time on making better batteries — because they’re nowhere near enough to back up the power on high-voltage grids in the long term, according to former U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest […]

Used Electric Car Batteries Are Heading to Factories and Farms