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ANU Claims Hydrogen At $2-3 A KG By 2030 — I Say Not Bloody Likely

Hydrogen is the car fuel of the future. Just not our future. But I’m sure in some alternate future Jack Nicholson is President and Australians are labouring in underground hydrogen mines to fill the transport blimps of the California Federation. The cars in our future will run off boring old electricity stored in batteries rather […]

Construction of 5 solar parks underway across Iran -EQ

ANU Unveils Solar-to-Hydrogen Cells Made of Silicon and Perovskite with Conversion Efficiency of 17.6%

Recent advances in the development of fuel-cell vehicles have also led to rising interest in the industrial production of hydrogen fuel. Some of the mainstream production processes for hydrogen fuel are currently based on electrolysis of water or chemical solutions. Conversion efficiency has been the main focus for hydrogen suppliers, but the cost and accessibility […]

A global solar transition could leave Africa in the shade -EQ