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Biden vetoes bid by Congress to reinstate tariffs on solar panel imports from SE Asia – EQ Mag

WASHINGTON : President Joe Biden on Tuesday vetoed a congressional resolution that would have reinstated tariffs on solar panel imports from Southeast Asia, settling for now a long-running dispute over whether to punish China for trade violations that bypass U.S. rules limiting imports of cheap solar panels from Asia. The result of Biden’s veto is […]

Ford CEO says EV prices may not drop to ICE vehicle levels until 2035 – EQ Mag

Recycling end-of-life solar panels, wind turbines is a big waste business – EQ Mag

As the Biden administration pushes for more wind power and solar energy, renewable energy industries will soon generate tons of waste. A wind turbine is recyclable, from the steel tower to the composite blades, typically 170 feet long, but most ends up being thrown away, a waste total that will reach a cumulative mass of […]

Sungrow Signs Celestial Renewexperts as its Distributor in different states of South India – EQ Mag

Making clean power in US gets pricier on average but cheaper for big firms – EQ Mag

NEW YORK : The average costs to produce onshore wind and solar power in the United States have increased for the first time since 2009 as steel and silicon became more expensive and supply chains were disrupted, research from investment bank Lazard showed on Wednesday. President Joe Biden is among world leaders who hope that […]

Ford CEO says EV prices may not drop to ICE vehicle levels until 2035 – EQ Mag

Biden offers $450M for clean energy projects at coal mines – EQ Mag

WASHINGTON  : President Joe Biden’s administration is making $450 million available for solar farms and other clean energy projects at the site of current or former coal mines, part of his efforts to combat climate change. As many as five projects nationwide will be funded through the 2021 infrastructure law, with at least two projects […]

Indonesia seeks $700 million to install 200 MW of solar power – EQ Mag

‘Buy America’ timeline threatens to delay EV charger network – EQ Mag

Construction of a national web of electric vehicle charging stations could be delayed if the Biden administration enforces a January deadline to manufacture the chargers domestically, according to industry officials who are racing to build the network. State transportation agencies, along with manufacturers and operators of electric vehicle chargers, say “Buy America” rules mandating that […]

Creating A Sustainable EV Fast-Charging Future – EQ Mag

Electric vehicles need more—and faster—charging stations. How do we get them? – EQ Mag

As the car industry plans a major rollout of electric vehicles, the project faces serious gridlock: There aren’t enough places to charge the vehicles, but there aren’t yet enough customers to justify a widespread expansion of charging stations. What can be done to get things moving? The Biden administration has set an ambitious goal: Half […]

Creating A Sustainable EV Fast-Charging Future – EQ Mag

US boosts EV purchases, but faces supply chain hurdles – EQ Mag Pro

WASHINGTON : The U.S. government has significantly boosted purchases of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles but faces supply chain hurdles, the White House said, as it looks to meet President Joe Biden’s aggressive zero-emission purchasing goals. Federal agencies quintupled purchases of EVs and PHEVs in the 12-months ending Sept. 30, moving from approximately 1% of […]

Ford CEO says EV prices may not drop to ICE vehicle levels until 2035 – EQ Mag

Biden to announce $900M to build EV charging stations – EQ Mag Pro

President Joe Biden will attend the Detroit Auto Show Wednesday and announce the approval of the first $900 million in funding to build electric vehicle charging stations in 35 states as part of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, the White House said. Around $5 billion has been set aside by Congress to be doled out […]

Creating A Sustainable EV Fast-Charging Future – EQ Mag

Biden announces first round of funding for EV charging network across 35 states – EQ Mag Pro

Biden has been a big proponent of EVs, signing into law incentives to encourage consumers to buy them and companies to build them. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law included $7.5 billion for a national EV charging network. The Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS and Science Act both included provisions fostering development of the industry in […]

Creating A Sustainable EV Fast-Charging Future – EQ Mag