Studies on Impact of Climate Change

India is a Party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). India has submitted Initial National Communication (INC) in 2004 and Second National Communication (SNC) in 2012 to the UNFCCC. As part of the National Communications, the Ministry conducted studies on impact of climate change in India which are summarized in the […]

China to ‘dominate recycling and second life battery market worth US$45bn by 2030’

While recycling of lithium and other materials such as cobalt from batteries will greatly increase in the coming years, the potential availability of second life batteries should not be underestimated, according to new research and data. Hans Eric Melin, an expert on the lifecycle management of lithium batteries with UK-headquartered consultancy Circular Energy Storage, previously […]

Climate change: Germany ready to provide 1 billion euros to India for green urban mobility

India and Germany on Friday agreed to provide financial support to climate initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with the latter expressing its readiness to provide one billion euros to India for green urban mobility. The two countries signed a joint declaration on the matter after Prime Minister Narendra Modi met German Chancellor Angela […]

Recognising efforts to tackle climate change

Slashing your company’s carbon footprint is good for the environment – and your business Carbon emissions contribute to climate change, which in turn leads to hotter weather and rising sea levels, threatening low-lying countries like Singapore. Corporations are often the biggest culprits of carbon emissions. Industries that produce the highest carbon footprint include petrochemicals, construction […]