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Zinc-ion batteries could reach higher energy densities by avoiding a traditional anode

Revel, the company best known for electric-moped sharing, says it is about to embark in a new direction by launching one of the largest hubs for quickly charging electric vehicles in New York City this spring. The facility will be located at the site of the former Pfizer building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and would have […]

Innovative Battery Solutions and Electric Vehicles are Solar Energy’s Strongest Allies

Volkswagen Expanding Electric Charging Stations in Germany

Volkswagen brand is systematically driving its electric offensive and will be installing some 4,000 charging points at its German sites by 2025. The first are already up and running in charging center for employees with 60 new charging points. The Volkswagen Group is investing some EUR 250 million in expanding the charging infrastructure at its […]

Ola Electric Hires Wayne Burgess as Head of Vehicle Design