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Electric storage: From idea to action

Policymakers and energy companies are discussing with renewed fervor how to incentivize more storage additions to the grid in US markets and around the world. So far, the benefits of storage remain largely untapped, as most jurisdictions learn to optimize the full potential of its capabilities balanced with policy and regulatory solutions. Growth in storage […]

The (near) future of energy storage – EQ Mag Pro

FERC Upholds Electric Storage Order

FERC on Thursday rejected multiple requests to reconsider its landmark electric storage order, prompting a partial dissent from Commissioner Bernard McNamee over requests to allow states to opt out (RM16-23-001, AD16-20-001, Order No. 841-A). The majority rejected requests that it allow relevant electric retail regulatory authorities (RERRAs) the ability to opt out of its storage […]

The (near) future of energy storage – EQ Mag Pro