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China must commit to battery recycling in electric vehicle boom: Greenpeace

SHANGHAI :  – China needs to step up the recycling and repurposing of batteries for electric vehicles in order to ease supply strains and curb pollution and carbon emissions, environmental group Greenpeace said on Friday. Though the deployment of electric vehicles is an important environmental initiative, the manufacturing of batteries is energy- and carbon-intensive and […]

Battery-based storage may address TN’s RE woes

Could Deep Sea Mining Fuel The Electric Vehicle Boom?

The world is hungry for resources to power the green transition. As we increasingly look to solar, wind, geothermal and move towards decarbonization, consumption of minerals such as cobalt, lithium and copper, which underpin them, is set to grow markedly. One study by the World Bank estimates that to meet this demand, cobalt production will […]

Nissan says new models in key markets to be electrified by early 2030s

The Robinhood Phenomenon Is Fueling An Electric Vehicle Boom

In the past, Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk never hesitated to call it as it was whenever TSLA stock started overheating. But maybe he’s finally beginning to buy the Tesla hype. Lately, all he could muster was a “wow” after another Wall Street pundit joined the ranks of investors who cannot seem to get […]

Nissan says new models in key markets to be electrified by early 2030s