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Switzerland To Give Precedence To Renewable Energy Over Other Interests To Ensure Security Of Electricity Supply – EQ Mag Pro

Swiss Parliament has agreed to scale up the country’s renewable energy production target to 35 TWh in 2035, up from 17 TWh recommended by the Federal Council Renewable energy installations will be given priority over other interests, even environmental legislation to ensure Switzerland has sufficient electricity Solar installations, including in Alpine region, will be promoted […]

Hydrogen storages important foundation for solar PV expansion in Europe – German govt scenarios -EQ

National Energy Commission, Chile Seeks 5,250 GWh Electricity Supply From Non-Polluting Sources – EQ Mag Pro

CNE has launched a tender to invite applications for 5,250 GWh power supply under 2022/01 call It will accept proposals for electricity supply that doesn’t come from coal, diesel, petcoke or fuel-oil sources Power supply will be contracted for 15 years, starting from 2027, and extended by up to 3 years The National Energy Commission […]

Central America’s Solar Revolution and the Rooftop Revolution in the U.S. -EQ

Outdated Thinking And Reactionary Rules Hold Back Electricity Supply in South Africa

When it comes to domestic, grid-tied, rooftop solar photovoltaic systems in South Africa, as with so many other aspects in the country’s electricity supply industry, outdated thinking and reactionary rules are holding back the supply of electricity in misguided efforts to protect the incumbent monopolies. Even municipal electricity distributors in South Africa considered to be […]

Construction of 5 solar parks underway across Iran -EQ

Chinese firm wins contract for Sri Lanka wind and solar energy projects near Tamil Nadu coast

The Sunday Times report said that India had lodged a strong protest with the Sri Lankan government on the contract to the Chinese company days before the Sri Lankan government cancelled the contract for the Eastern Container Terminal. A CHINESE company has won a contract to set up hybrid wind and solar energy projects on […]

Hydrogen subsidies | Australian solar-to-methanol project secures €24m grant — with half coming from Germany -EQ

Can’t rule out foul play, sabotage in Mumbai power outage incident: Maharashtra Energy Minister

Electricity supply was interrupted in Mumbai due to TATA’s incoming electric supply failure causing power loss all over Mumbai and suburbs, also disrupting train traffic of Central, Eastern and Western lines Mumbai: Maharashtra Energy Minister Dr Nitin Raut on Wednesday said that foul play or sabotage by external forces cannot be ruled out in connection […]

Budget 2024: India gives big policy boost to energy transition, curb emissions – EQ

EIB agrees to finance construction and operation of new solar plants in Kenya

The new Radiant and Eldosol projects are amongst the first to generate utility-scale solar power in East Africa. The European Investment Bank and FMO, the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank, have agreed to finance the construction and operation of two new solar photovoltaic plants in Kenya. EIB and FMO will each provide USD 53 million for […]

Construction of 5 solar parks underway across Iran -EQ

Agreement signed to generate clean energy through rooftop PV system in West Bank

The EIB’s investment, which falls under the Economic Resilience Initiative (ERI) will generate 35 MW of clean energy enough to power more than 16000 houses across the West Bank. The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) have signed a loan agreement worth USD 18 million to finance the installation of rooftop […]

Hydrogen storages important foundation for solar PV expansion in Europe – German govt scenarios -EQ