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Mumbai: EverSource Capital (EverSource) has completed the final close of India’s largest climate impact fund, Green Growth Equity Fund (the Fund), at US$ 741 million, making GGEF one of the largest single-country funds focused on Climate change, Mitigation and Adaptation in the emerging markets. EverSource is investing to combat climate change by focusing on the […]

DRDO finds serious battery defects in EVs that caught fire – EQ Mag Pro

Eversource ahead of schedule to install 3,500 electric vehicle charging stations in MA

SPRINGFIELD :  Eversource announced the acceleration of its 2018 commitment to install electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure at up to 400 locations across Massachusetts. The energy company has enabled 2,700 EV ports since 2018 and is expecting to reach its goal of 3,500 a year ahead of schedule in order to help reduce range anxiety […]

Push for more EV chargers even at private spaces, 200 already in place – EQ Mag Pro

Massachusetts Storage Market Imperiled by Requirement to Buy New Utility Meters

Should solar customers have to pay for a new meter to measure their generation, or is their own smart inverter good enough? Massachusetts rolled out a new incentive last year to spur solar and energy storage adoption, but installers are worried that a technical requirement could foil the goals of the program. The Solar Massachusetts […]

Nextracker to develop tracker manufacturing line in Arizona – EQ Mag Pro

Eversource Wants to Back Up an Entire Rural Town With Batteries Large and Small

Can grid resiliency finally pay for itself? New England utility Eversource wants to deploy energy storage to back up an outage-prone New Hampshire town, while saving customers money. The 18,070 residents of Westmoreland rely on a single radial power line to deliver electricity through the forested, rural surroundings. Ice storms and heavy snowfall regularly knock […]

Maoneng receives Mornington Peninsula battery grid connection assessment approval – EQ Mag Pro

Eversource Takes Local Energy Concept to New Level with New Hampshire Microgrid Plan

Eversource plans to develop an energy storage microgrid in New Hampshire that takes the local energy concept to a new level by pairing the microgrid with a bring-your-own-device program. The project also offers an example of a path for utilities to develop microgrids when state rules allow utility ownership of energy storage. Charlotte Ancel, director […]

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