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How Europe’s Energy Islands Could Internationalize Offshore Wind Planning

European grid operators want to combine 10-gigawatt offshore turbine clusters, interconnectors and hydrogen. It no longer looks like a pipe dream. Proposals for Europe’s offshore energy islands are gaining momentum, with regulatory issues rather than technology now looking like the largest barrier. If massive offshore wind hubs are going to be built at scale, Europe […]

Hyundai Nexo sets world record for longest distance in hydrogen-powered vehicle

French aeronaut and president of the Solar Impulse Foundation Bertrand Piccard has broken the world record for the longest distance travelled in a hydrogen-powered vehicle on a single refuelling. Driving a Hyundai Nexo, Piccard left the FaHyence hydrogen station in Sarreguemines on Monday 25 November, a place chosen because of the Grand Est Region’s commitment […]

Shell New Energies EVP: Hydrogen Subsidies Will Pay Off, Just Like They Did for Solar

Shell’s Mark Gainsborough on renewables, hydrogen and bringing together the oil giant’s burgeoning family of clean-energy businesses. PARIS : Shell expects its filling stations to eventually become fossil-fuel-free. But getting there will require major changes, and in the energy business, change often means subsidies. So it is with hydrogen, says Mark Gainsborough, executive vice president […]

SDG 7: How much Hydrogen would contribute to Affordable and Clean Energy

The 34 interviews, conducted with companies such as Engie, Airbus, Toyota and Alstom, suggest that a series of co-existing factors are playing in favour of hydrogen’s role in the Grand Transition. On the one hand, climate change targets and air pollution concerns are leading governments and companies to seek cost-effective decarbonising solutions. Clean and Affordable […]

Kerala should try electric, hydrogen and solar-powered boats: Cochin Shipyard CMD Madhu Nair

The Water Metro project is envisaged to help the state government achieve zero carbon emission target in water transport, said Shaji Janardhanan, GM, Water Metro, KMRL. KOCHI: A combination of electric, hydrogen and solar-powered boats should be introduced when the state government implements clean energy projects in the water transport sector, said Madhu S Nair, […]

Hydrogen key to a sustainable future, IEA to G20 countries

While electrification is becoming the new ‘norm’ in India with each passing day, the global community is also exploring new sources for clean energy solutions. The International Energy Association (IEA), the Paris-based autonomous intergovernmental organisation which was established in the framework of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in 1974 in the wake of […]