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Inviting online bids from eligible parties on Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding basis for selection of developer(s) for Grid Connected WindSolar Hybrid Power Project(s) of 750 MW in the state of MP – EQ Mag Pro

Virtual Pre-Bid Meeting 1 has been scheduled on 18.04.2022 from 1200 hours to 1300 hours. Kindly requesting the interested bidders/ participants to attend the meeting. https://teams.live.com/dl/launcher/launcher.html?url=%2F_%23%2Fmeet%2F9523012936105%3Fanon%3Dtrue&type=meet&deeplinkId=386703b6-ed51-4ea5-8ae7-07d572a44414&directDl=true&msLaunch=true&enableMobilePage=true&suppressPrompt=true Further, details related to MPPTCL/ DISCOM substation and their indicative available capacity for RE injection is uploaded in the Dataroom. Details are indicative in nature and final clearance/ approval […]

Policymakers must act now to avoid supply chain challenges stalling record years of new wind energy capacity – EQ Mag