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NACOF OORJA Launches SPV for Sustainable Farming in India – EQ

In Short – NACOF OORJA launches a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to advance sustainable farming in India. This initiative aims to bolster agricultural practices that prioritize environmental stewardship, resource efficiency, and community well-being. By leveraging innovative solutions and partnerships, the SPV seeks to enhance food security while mitigating the ecological impact of farming activities. In […]

Green energy will help fight pollution and create jobs in India – EQ

Revamp Moto and NACOF Oorja sign a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance rural and agricultural mobility through its portfolio of EVs – EQ

In Short – Revamp Moto and NACOF Oorja have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to bolster rural and agricultural mobility using their range of electric vehicles (EVs). This collaboration signifies a concerted effort towards sustainable transportation solutions in rural areas. By leveraging Revamp Moto’s EV expertise and NACOF Oorja’s rural network, the MoU aims […]

Suzlon Energy profit down 21 pc to Rs 254 cr in Q4 – EQ