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Tesla Sets Record for EV Deliveries, but Losses and Solar Shrinkage Endure

2019 is supposed to be “the year of the solar roof,” but Tesla’s solar business continues to wither. Tesla presented mixed results from the second quarter of 2019, including a delivery record of 95,356 electric vehicles and record deployments of its energy storage products. But Tesla’s solar business has become a shadow of its former […]

Mercedes rolls out luxury electric car in duel with Tesla

Tesla Powerwalls Are in High Demand, Installers Just Don’t Have Them

The latest EnergySage survey shows strong consumer preference for Tesla’s signature battery product, but only a fraction of solar installers carry it. Only 12 percent of solar installers carry Tesla’s Powerwall, according to the latest findings in a report from EnergySage and the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. The report, a nationwide survey […]

Apple to build battery-based solar energy storage facility in California

New Hampshire Utility to Fight System Peaks With Home Batteries Under New Settlement

Liberty Utilities will own up to 500 units, but the compromise allows third parties to participate, too. Negotiations in New Hampshire produced a pivotal test case for how home energy devices can reduce overall grid costs. Liberty Utilities proposed a groundbreaking home battery pilot last year, in which the company would own 1,000 Tesla Powerwalls […]

Morgan Stanley aims to support $750 bln in low-carbon investments by 2030