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New board in place, US utility turns to clean energy study – EQ Mag

NASHVILLE, Tenn. : Under a new board majority picked by President Joe Biden, the nation’s largest public utility on Thursday reacted to a drumbeat of concerns about not meeting the Biden administration’s own power sector climate change goals by announcing a new study of clean energy adoption opportunities throughout the region’s economy. The Tennessee Valley […]

ACORE’s March Events Focus on How to Maximize and Build on the Clean Energy Impacts of the IRA – EQ Mag

Can climate change be solved by pricing carbon? – EQ Mag Pro

President Joe Biden is attempting a less direct approach – known as the social cost of carbon – that calculates future climate damages to justify tougher restrictions on polluting industries. Republicans say that could crush many businesses. BILLINGS: As climate change bakes the planet, dozens of nations and many local g …Read More… Source: PTI

Delegates discuss energy security, climate change at second G20 Framework Working Group meeting – EQ Mag