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Jordan: A case study in expanding renewable energy

Jordan has been at the forefront of renewable energy deployment in the Middle East, with the sector accounting for 7.9% of the country’s total electricity generation in 2018 compared to 2% in 2013. Yet, challenges hindering the upscaling of renewables are multiplying as the sector gains momentum. Being an early adopter of renewables, Jordan’s experiences […]

Jordan’s share of electricity from renewables grew from almost zero in 2014 to around 20% in 2020: IRENA

Tradition Helps 10 Local Governments Green Their Futures with Innovative Renewable Energy Products

STAMFORD, Conn.: Tradition Energy recently helped 10 local governments procure innovative renewable energy products and reduce their energy costs. The renewable products included sourcing 100% of the energy from solar and wind farms, purchasing from local community solar projects, and installing solar panels on the physical site where the energy is used. The procurements were […]

British insurer Aviva sets out net zero 2040 climate strategy