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Toyota’s Tiny Car Serves As Ball Boy At Tokyo Olympics 2021, Wins Hearts

The tiny remote-controlled car from Toyota, used for match ball delivery during rugby games at Tokyo Olympics, reminded many of the Volkswagen ID.4 model used for same purpose during Euro 2021. The remote controlled four-wheeler, which was seen serving ball during rugby games, reminded many of the Volkswagen ID.4 scale model used for the same […]

For 80% of E-vehicle Owners Charging is No Hassle: Survey

‘Solar project developers must not cut quality’

When tariffs are as low as ₹2.5, then everybody wants to bring down their costs, compromising on quality: Jaskon CMD Solar power project developers in India must be careful not to compromise on quality in their drive to lower costs to meet the tariffs set in project bids, according to Sameer Gupta and Sundeep Gupta […]

Tata Power – DDL Among the First Utilities in the Country to Meet 100% Renewable Purchase Obligation Compliance