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Contract to Deliver Solar-Storage Microgrid at Egypt Goldmine Awarded to Juwi

German developer and EPC contractor juwi has secured a deal to design, supply and build a solar-storage hybrid project at an off-grid gold mine in Egypt. The 36MW solar farm will feature bifacial modules, single-axis trackers and be connected to a 7.5MW battery energy storage system. Juwi Hybrid IQ micro-grid technology will enable the integration […]

Construction of 5 solar parks underway across Iran -EQ

Merging solar cell and liquid battery produces efficient, long-lasting solar storage

Chemists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and their collaborators have created a highly efficient and long-lasting solar flow battery, a way to generate, store and redeliver renewable electricity from the sun in one device. The new device is made of silicon solar cells combined with advanced solar materials integrated with optimally designed chemical components. The […]

Hydrogen subsidies | Australian solar-to-methanol project secures €24m grant — with half coming from Germany -EQ