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Researchers take steps towards a new energy storage device

Researchers from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have taken steps towards developing a new energy storage device. The device is a hybrid supercapacitor designed to offer optimized capabilities when it comes to energy storage. Typically in electronic devices, energy storage uses batteries or supercapacitors that have their strengths and limitations. Batteries can store large amounts […]

Hitachi ABB Power Grids to Deploy 90 MW Battery Storage System at Finnish Nuclear Plant

MIT Uses Neutrons in Drive to Improve Energy Storage in Supercapacitors

Batteries contain chemicals that store and release electrical energy at relatively slow rates compared to capacitors, which are often used in applications requiring power to be delivered rapidly. Capacitors can charge and release energy quickly by using electric fields to store charges on negative and positive plates. The plates are separated by an electrolyte, a […]

Amara Raja Batteries Rejigs Board, Will Amend Objects Clause For New Energy Areas

Supercapacitors Rapidly Replace Batteries for Energy Storage

Along with automotive and IT applications, grid storage looks most promising as renewable energy sources soar higher — literally, in some cases. Those sources include airborne wind energy (AWE) generators tethered to drones or even kites, reaching stronger and more consistent winds aloft than conventional wind turbines. The Italian company KiteNRG is developing an AWE […]

Hitachi ABB Power Grids to Deploy 90 MW Battery Storage System at Finnish Nuclear Plant

Lightweight Green Supercapacitors Could Charge Cars in Minutes

In a new study, researchers at Texas A&M University have described their novel plant-based energy storage device that could charge even electric cars within a few minutes in the near future. Furthermore, they said their devices are flexible, lightweight and cost-effective. “Integrating biomaterials into energy storage devices has been tricky because it is difficult to […]

India to Require 4,00,000 Charging Stations For 2 Million EVs By 2026: Report

Scientists develop stable material for pseudocapacitors which store electrical energy by electron charge transfer

  Scientists at the Institute of Nano Science and Technology (INST), Mohali, an autonomous institute under the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, have developed a stable material for pseudocapacitors or supercapacitors which store electrical energy by electron charge transfer. The material can offer a low-cost scalable energy storage solution as an alternative to […]

Levelized Cost of Electricity: Renewables Clearly Superior to Conventional Power Plants Due to Rising CO2 Prices