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This giant ‘water battery’ under the Alps could be a game-changer for renewable energy in Europe – EQ Mag Pro

Switzerland has unveiled its latest renewable energy innovation: a giant water battery. Beginning operations last month, the water battery, called Nant de Drance, is a pumped storage hydropower plant that provides the same energy storage capacity as 400,000 electric car batteries. Located high in the Swiss Alps in the canton of Valais, the plant is […]

Battery Energy Storage Systems: A Clean Energy Solution NY Needs -EQ

India’s renewables revolution needs what other countries are fast adopting: water battery

Pumped hydro energy storage can pave the way for India’s climate leadership by enabling another green revolution, this time in the power sector. Progress in energy storage will soon mean energy security for India, as the country races ahead with large renewable power commitments. Already fifth in the world in renewables, India now says it […]

Battery Energy Storage Systems: A Clean Energy Solution NY Needs -EQ

EGEB: ‘Freedom gas,’ Australia’s ‘water battery,’ Hungary’s $1B green town plans, and more

In today’s EGEB: The US exports “freedom gas.” Australia is placing its bets on a hydropower plant turned into pumped hydro storage. Washington solar workers are waiting on a Trump deal with China to save their jobs. Hungary wants to build a green-powered town from scratch. Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial, and […]

Amazon hits 100% renewables “moment” seven years ahead of schedule – EQ