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Telangana set to achieve 3 GW solar capacity by year end

Telangana set to achieve 3 GW solar capacity by year end


Telangana is set to cross the 3 Giga Watt (3,000 mega watt) solar power generation capacity by the year end up from about 1.1 GW installed capacity now.

In achieving the 3 GW mark, the State will also be able to cross another important milestone of achieving over 15 per cent of the total energy contribution from the renewable energy segment, Ajay Mishra, Special Chief Secretary Energy, Telangana, told Business Line, on the sidelines of Solar Invest, hosted by Assocham.

The Sate currently has installed capacity of 1,070 MW of solar power generation and expects to achieve 3,000 MW by the year end. These are the projects which have been tendered and under execution. They are expected to be commissioned as per schedule given to the developers.

Those tendered out during 2014-15 have been executed and those offered later for development are under execution. “The State is planning to achieve 5000 MW solar power generation capacity over the next three years. Once the projects under execution get implemented, we will tender out for new projects,” he said.

The projects awarded during 2015 are expected to be commissioned before August 2017.

Asked about the power situation, he said, “We are providing 24×7 power supply to all consumers and nine hours power to the farm sector. With new capacity addition, we are confident of providing adequate power to all consumers.”

Referring to additional capacity addition, he said, apart from the solar power, about 300 MW of wind power is also likely to come up, even though the State is not ideally suited for wind power.

“We have recently received environmental clearance for the 1,080 MW Bhadradri thermal power project and works on the project will be expedited” he said.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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