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The completion of the biggest solar roof project in Asia is imminent

The completion of the biggest solar roof project in Asia is imminent


In Hebei, Schletter (Shanghai) Solar Technology Co., Ltd is about to complete a solar plant with a total power of about 15 MWp on a very big company building complex with 84 halls. The TC standing seam clamps and the fastening profile EcoLight have been designed especially for the requirements on Chinese roofs. The mounting operations are scheduled to be completed in March. The EPC located in China is already planning further projects with Schletter.

The halls belong to a cattle breeding company. Florian Roos, General Manager of Schletter (Shanghai) Solar Technology Co., Ltd is very happy about Schletter´s current order situation. Only in 2015, the company moved into a bigger building. Now, Schletter has expanded the factory again and now can meet the demand of the Chinese solar market with 350 staff members and a total factory area of 15,000 square meters. “This expansion was necessary to enable us to handle our current and future projects in the best possible way” says Roos. With its population of 70,000, the Hebei province in the North of China is one of the country´s most densely populated regions. Apart from the steel industry, agriculture is the most important economic sector in Hebei. Thus, the solar plant is an important showcase project for the EPC and the investor.

“Of course, we at Schletter are very happy about the dynamic development of our subsidiary in China. After all, it must not be taken for granted that a German company is so successful on the Asian market and can handle ever-bigger projects. Of course, there is a secret of success behind all that. Schletter has a wide range of sophisticated products and permanently adapts these products to meet the requirements in the customer´s country. However, the committed managers on location made the biggest contribution to this success, as they make Chinese customers aware of the advantages of Schletter´s German company philosophy and at the same time meet the specific requirements of the Chinese market and of course the requirements of the Chinese customers” explains Dipl. Ing. (graduate engineer) Hans Urban, Head of Product Management and Engineering at Schletter.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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