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The Solar Program announces affiliate network on the East Coast

The Solar Program announces affiliate network on the East Coast


The Solar Program, the East coast’s top residential solar sales and marketing group announces an affiliate partnership program in NY and NJ. This recently launched program will allow local solar and home improvement companies, as affiliates, to offer the world’s best solar panels installed directly by the manufacturer. These partnerships simplify the entire process, provide stricter quality control standards, create new revenue for affiliates, and will improve the public image of the solar industry as a whole.

“We are extremely excited to offer this opportunity to companies,” says Keith Finkel CEO of The Solar Program. “This is a fantastic opportunity not only for the companies who partner with us, but also for the homeowners that now can have the best product while still saving the most amount of money.”

The affiliate program will allow local companies to qualify and educate homeowners on available solar programs. Once they are qualified, the manufacturer will take over the entire process, which includes design, permitting, interconnection, incentive applications, project management, and installation. It drastically enhances the homeowner’s experience by eliminating sub-contractors and 3rd party installers, ultimately saving on costs.

Daniel Wright; Director of The Solar Program East Coast Affiliates said, “We are looking for companies we can trust with the brand and we qualify them based on many factors. Customer service is our #1 priority.” The Solar Program is actively recruiting and working with affiliates in the New Jersey and New York markets and will soon offer opportunities throughout the entire East Coast.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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