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The Sunshine State


This morning we announced residential solar service in Florida, something we’ve wanted to announce for a long time. Though the “Sunshine State” doesn’t get quite as much sun as the southwestern U.S., it consistently ranks among the nation’s ten sunniest states (the Orlando area, where we’re initially launching service, enjoys more than 230 sunny days each year).

Today’s announcement was made possible when the citizens of Florida rejected the anti-solar Amendment 1, which would have made it easier for utilities to add fees to make solar more expensive for customers. The Amendment was disguised as pro-solar policy in what amounted to a cynical attempt by solar opponents to slow down solar development in the state. Thanks to this vote, solar customers in Florida will continue to receive full retail credit for any excess solar electricity they provide to the grid when they aren’t at home.

SolarCity will initially serve customers of Duke Energy and Orlando Utilities Commission in the greater Orlando area from a local installation center in Clermont, and plans to expand to additional areas of the state in the coming months. Orlando-area homeowners that are interested in finding out more can request a free quote, or if they prefer, purchase a system online.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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