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Tiger Pro ensures the perfect combination of system safety and economy

Tiger Pro ensures the perfect combination of system safety and economy


According to customs statistics, in 2020 JinkoSolar’s shipment volume in India jumped to the top. It is reported that JinkoSolar recently signed a large project in India with the two largest local EPC companies to deploy nearly 500MW of Tiger Pro high-efficiency modules. With high power generation, excellent system compatibility, convenient installation methods and lower racking system costs, Tiger Pro high-efficiency modules have gradually gained high recognition from customers all around the world.

In a market dominated by large ground-mounted power plants, including India, more and more customers are showing great interest in tracker cost. Compared with the larger dimension of modules, in the application scenario of tracking systems, Tiger Pro 182mm modules series can ensure a more advantageous tracking cost.

Whether the BOS cost can be reduced or not depends on the possibility to reduce the system-side costs. First of all, looking at the largest part of EPC composition, besides the components, the largest one is the tracking system. Accounting for up to 19% of the total BOS cost, the tracking system cost is a part that cannot be ignored. Due to the tracker tolerance to the driving devices and tracker structure, the design length of the tracker is limited in current or future designs. The dimension and electrical performance of modules determine the number of strings installed on a single tracker. Therefore, in theory, the so-called low voltage which can increase the number of modules on a single string is difficult to realize in practical applications.

1p Tracker Tiger Pro  545W 600W Larger Size Module
Length within 100m 3 strings/45780W 2 strings /39600W
Length approx. 120m 4 strings /61040W 3 s/59400W

 The dimension and electrical performance of the 182 modules have maximized the total power on the tracker, which can make perfect use of the maximum design length of the tracker for the lowest the cost per watt. Considering that the installation time and labor cost of the tracker are much higher than that of the modules installation, reducing the number of required installed tracks can greatly lower the tracker installation cost.

Secondly, the power generation of modules is also the biggest factor affecting LCOE. High current is not a big challenge just for the safety of the system, how to achieve the optimal balance between the cable selection cost of high current and the loss of power generation caused by high current is another issue that generates widespread concern in the industry.

  Tiger Pro 545W  600W Larger Size Module
Short circuit current(Isc) 13.94A 18.42A

It can be seen that if the same cable is selected, the higher the component current, the greater the cable loss. If a thicker cable is used to reduce cable loss, its cost will increase. In addition, in terms of current safety, the 182mm module does not need to upgrade the current protection, and there is no need to increase additional device cost.

  Open circuit voltage V/short circuit current (A) (25% backside gain) Current specification of string protection device (A) Array protection device (A)(24 strings)
Tiger Pro 72p 49.26/17.45A 30A 600A
60p Larger Size Modules 38.1/22.98A 35A N/A

Source: IEC62548-2016(Photovoltaic (PV) arrays – Design requirements)

It can be seen that larger currents require protection devices of larger specifications to ensure the safety of modules. 182mm modules can not only ensure more safety, but they can also reduce the cost of additional protection devices.

Compared with other products in the industry, the 182 module has proven to be the best choice for ensuring the best tracking system cost in many aspects, and it has become the most economical and safest mainstream photovoltaic module available on the market. Tiger Pro high-efficiency modules are steadily advancing in global market deployment thanks to the high recognition gained among customers.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network