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TrinaBESS Partners with Smart Solar to OfferResidential Battery Energy Storage Systemsfor Japan Market

TrinaBESS Partners with Smart Solar to OfferResidential Battery Energy Storage Systemsfor Japan Market


CHANGZHOU, China — TrinaBESS, the Battery Energy Storage Solution provider has signed an agreement withSmart Solar, a famous EPC and developer company in solar and energy storage industry in Japan. 20,000 sets of residential Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESSs)will be supplied to Smart Solar in Japan market under this umbrella agreement from 2018to 2021.

“We consider the Japan as a primary market for BESS development. We have established Japanese subsidiarylast year in Tokyo, as part of a long-term strategy to establish firm foundation and growth.This newly BESS, which isdesigned by Smart Solar and TrinaBESS, will cater mainly the Japan residential market.” says Frank Qi, general manager of TrinaBESS. “I am delighted to buildpartnership with Smart Solar as we both share the same dedication to quality and product performance and are focused on building a strong local presence and consumer trust.Together, Smart Solar and TrinaBESS are able to pursue a common mission.By providing affordableBESSs that meet the customers’ need, while offering reliable access to nature’s cleanest and most abundant energy source, the sun, Smart Solar and TrinaBESS are collaborating to strengthen the energy storage market in Japan.”

“Ourpartnership is rooted in the provision of high efficiency BESSs and the continual products enhancements made by TrinaBESS’s stellar R&D team. We look forward to adding this new residential BESSwhich acquires Japanese standard certification to our portfolio which will help both of usmeet the energy storage needs of the Japan market.The combination of our local knowledge and experience and the high-quality products of our partners provide a good recipe for success.” said Hirofumi Tezuka, CEO of Smart Solar.

TrinaBESS is a battery energy storage leading company and always keeps to the highest standards from third parties whether that be product standards such as IEC 62109/61000 or financial by being the highly bankable manufacturer in the industry.

For media inquiries, please contact: Nickey Zhu, +86 13915358467, chanyuan.zhu@trinagroup.com

About TrinaBESS
TrinaBESS is the energy storage company of Trina Group and the sister company of Trina Solar, global leader of PV total solutions. TrinaBESS designs, manufactures and delivers BESSs for utilities, solar companies, project developers, installers and distributors for residential, commercial and utility markets. TrinaBESS provides on / off grid, off grid, handy power and micro grid energy storage solutions from 0.4 kWh batteries to 2 MWh batteries and larger. From its foundation in 2010 TrinaBESS has grown to one of the world’s leading energy storage companies with over 100 R&D staff members and an international presence in Europe, North America, Oceania and Asia.

About Smart Solar

Hirofumi Tezuka, founder and CEO of the company, pioneered research, development and system application of Photovoltaic cells and modules 37 years ago at Kyocera, moreover drove sales and marketing of residential, public and commercial sector.
Smart Solar has developed and delivered BESSs for school, residential BESSs, Built-in PV module for high way noise insulation wall, Built-in residential roof-top system. Its current main businesses are development, design, equipment procurement, construction supervising, O&M for Mega-Solar power plant and Electric Power sales business. Along with the national policy of local production and local consumption of energy, Smart Solar grows its business, propelling Smart Compact City business by development of Smart House solution with residential BESSs and by development of commercial/industrial self-power-consumption system with BESSs.

Source: Trina Group
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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