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UL Issues First UL 9540 Certified Home Energy Storage System to Enphase Energy

UL Issues First UL 9540 Certified Home Energy Storage System to Enphase Energy


UL, a global safety science organization, today announced it has issued the first UL 9540 certification for a complete home energy storage system to Enphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENPH), a global energy technology company (Model B280-1200-LL-I-US00-RF0) – http://s.ul.com/EnphaseESS. The system meets the latest National Electric Code 2017 requirements. Energy storage systems enable homeowners as well as commercial building owners to store energy whether from solar, wind, or other electrical generation sources. This provides the benefit of having electricity available onsite to help lower utility demand and/or use when electricity generation is not available.

Energy storage offers reliability, flexibility and efficiency, making it easier to include clean energy sources in the electrical grid system. However, this ongoing modernization of a grid using increasing levels of distributed generation and renewable energy resources creates the need for safer home energy systems. “Enphase is excited that our ground breaking AC Battery product is the first residential energy storage product to receive a UL 9540 certification for the North American market. Our work with UL has allowed us to quickly migrate our storage technology from Australia to North America, while complying with all applicable North America safety standards,” said John Berdner, VP of Regulatory and Policy Strategy at Enphase Energy. “We selected UL to perform our global certification, and our close working relationship with them has been invaluable in this effort. We look forward to further collaboration with UL to expand our innovative product offerings both in breadth and to other geographies globally.”

What is a UL 9540-certified system?
An energy storage system (ESS) certified to UL 9540 is comprised of a UL 1973-certified stationary battery pack used in conjunction with a UL 1741-certified inverter. Achieving certification to both individual UL product standards is essential for completion of the UL 9540 system certification. As more and more ESS are installed, consumers, utilities, commercial building owners, insurers, fire fighters and electrical/building inspectors will all benefit from these systems meeting UL 9540 system safety standard requirements.

Enphase’s AC Battery is comprised of a stationary battery pack manufactured by Eliiy Power Co., Ltd, a Japanese corporation that is UL 1973 certified and an UL 1741 certified inverter manufactured by Enphase. It also meets the latest National Electric Code 2017 requirement for Listed equipment in the newly published Article 706, Energy Storage Systems. “We are at the start of a new era, in which energy storage becomes a foundational element of the way we think about electricity for home, building and utility use,” said Ibrahim Jilani, Global Business Development Leader for Energy Systems at UL. “We are pleased to announce the first residential & commercial energy storage system to meet UL 9540 requirements and receive certification from UL. These types of products demonstrate what the future of electricity throughout the world is becoming: co-located power available after generating electricity through renewable or traditional sources.”

To verify a UL listing or certification, users can search www.ul.com/database and enter a model number in the keyword field, or search by company name (such as Enphase Energy) and category code (“FTBW” is the category code for Energy Storage Systems).

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