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Zest Outdoor announces its Green India mission by launching 12,000 sq. ft solar panels in Mumbai for Indian Railways – EQ Mag Pro

Zest Outdoor announces its Green India mission by launching 12,000 sq. ft solar panels in Mumbai for Indian Railways – EQ Mag Pro


  • The solar panels will be used as hoardings that will be open for brands to advertise.

  • A 11675 sq. ft of advertising space is allotted for the solar panels of 20 years life span to stand that will produce 1200000 units per panel.

  • The solar energy produced from these solar panels will be used by the Indian Railways.

Zest Outdoor is a leading Outdoor Advertising agency focused on implementing innovative and state-of-the-art advertising solutions. The firm has announced its novel advertising concept by launching its Green India mission with 12,000 solar panels in Mumbai that will be used for advertising.

Zest Outdoor has been in the advertising industry since —. Since then, the firm has been into multiple creative and innovative aspects until this project. This Green India mission is a benchmark in the advertising industry, being the first agency to use advertising as a medium for making India a better place to live.

The project calls for 12,000 solar panel installations open for advertising that suits every brand. The renewable energy that emerged out of these power plants would be used by the Western Railways as part of the Phase 1 project by 20th February 2022. There will be 17 hoardings that will stand at the prime locations in Western Mumbai. For this extraordinary thought by Zest Outdoor, INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS & ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS awarded them as “The first billboards to generate solar energy for Western Railways.”

“Advertising itself calls for creativity and innovation. However, to come up with this massive project of using solar panels for advertising and supplying it to the Indian Railways was an arduous idea”, as stated by the Founder of Zest Outdoor.

He further added, “To put this project into reality by considering all the aspects, including workforce, budget allocation, a team of engineers and contractors to brainstorm, was a great matter of concern. However, the feeling of accomplishing such a huge success underlined all these obstacles.”

This solar power plantation in Mumbai by Zest Outdoor paves the way for other advertising firms to come up with such revolutionary ideas that will change the nation’s future.

About Zest Outdoor

Zest Outdoor is a leading Outdoor Advertising Agency founded in 2012 with a mission of using creativity, quality, and innovation to become the pioneer in the world of Advertising. In 2013, the ‘work for it without pausing’ attitude of Zest Outdoor landed them the incredible opportunity of constructing a neon hoarding measuring 120 ft by 40 ft at Bandra (ROB -Rail Over Bridge). At 190 feet above the ground, the highest in the world at the time, this neon hoarding testified that Zest Outdoor was not intended for “ordinary people.”

Zest Outdoor created its own hoarding in 2014, gradually getting closer with each step. They also partnered with Bright Outdoor Advertising, which served as a springboard for advancement. Throughout these years, the dream of having robust marketing arms of Bright Outdoor Advertising commanded the acquisition and development ship. As the top players in the industry, this partnership was dedicated to providing the best for the brands, which is why they always strive to deliver to the letter. Zest Outdoor also stumbled upon an opportunity presented by the Western Railways while winning a large portion of hoardings in affluent areas such as Lower Parel – opposite the Phoenix Mall – and Mulund in 2019.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network