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#1 US Solar Farm Developer Offers Equity Sale in Company

#1 US Solar Farm Developer Offers Equity Sale in Company


Innovative Solar Systems, based in Asheville, NC is currently ranked as the #1 US Solar Farm Developer and is offering an Equity sale in the company. ISS has been in business for almost six years and has developed and built some of the largest Solar Farms here in the US. The company currently has a pipeline of 200 projects (20MW to 200MW) that totals over 10 Gigawatts in various development stages worth Billions of Dollars to the right partner that cares to buy a large Equity position within Innovative Solar Systems, LLC. ISS has positioned itself to remain as the #1 Solar Farm Developer for at least the next five to six years as the company has expanded into a total of thirty (30) US states and has market share for Utility Solar Farm projects in all of those states. The Equity Sale being offered in ISS is a Unique Offering that cannot be replicated.

For the right Equity Investor that wishes to quickly become ISS’s partner and a major player in US Solar Farms this offering will be music to the ears as ISS literally handles every aspect when it comes to Solar Farms, they secure the ground leases, engineer the projects and secure all IA’s, PPA’s, State, Federal and Regulatory Approvals to then build these massive projects at unheard of construction costs. In Fact, ISS has long term contracts with the largest, most credit worthy EPC’s in the world and are currently building Utility Scale Solar Farm projects for approximately $1/watt total or less, which includes Tier 1 Equipment and Single Axis Trackers. ISS also has the most reliable and economical relationships with partners that maintain these mammoth project sites long term to assure maximum uptime and energy production.

For Investment Parties wishing to become an Equity Partner in Innovative Solar Systems the process is rather simple, first contact us below to discuss this opportunity in full prior to setting up an Onsite Meeting at ISS’s Corporate Offices in Asheville where potential investors can discuss the opportunity in great detail w/ ISS’s owners and management team. No Confidential Information on the company will be shared prior to that onsite meeting w/ ISS at their Offices.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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