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$10 Billion orders for Tesla cars in 36 hours = End of oil?

$10 Billion orders for Tesla cars in 36 hours = End of oil?


Imagine a future where all cars run on electricity. You never need to re-fuel because you simply have solar cells on the roof of your car which get charged every time the sun shines. In addition to this there are no toxic emissions and life is wonderful. I believe this is certainly going to happen and Tesla’s Model 3 is a planting a seed in that direction. The company got orders of a whopping $ 10 billion in barely 36 hours. This is a first in the history of automobiles and this is a sign things are moving in the right direction. Soon electric cars will become cheaper and running them will be free. Electricity rates will continue falling as solar technology improves and eventually there will be a world with infinite energy and power which is free and non-polluting.

We will have factories, industries and homes that will all be powered by the sun. And when such a thing happens, the demand for oil will be over. We are already in a world where the supply for oil is much more than the demand – and this is happening even though solar technologies are not being used on a day-to-day basis by most people. Tesla and other automobile companies like Mahindra that has invested in the Reva electric car will surely benefit in the future. Other car manufacturers will also surely have to move in the direction of electric and then link it up to solar energy if they want to compete. It is because of this reality countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE want to diversify away from Oil and are looking to invest trillions of dollars of their sovereign wealth funds in other sectors.

Today I think it makes incredible sense and logic to invest and work towards a future where energy is free and is in sync with nature. Look at a simple plant that absorbs the suns energy so beautifully. The scientists of the future will take inspiration from this and build and create things that are in perfect harmony with nature. Today oil exploration companies and any service related to the oil sector are starting to look more and more risky as new technology emerges. People are becoming aware of the risks of dirty oil and are starting to value and respect mother nature. As individuals, investors, we need to start looking at what new opportunities will be created and benefit from those. Will we in India for example suddenly have the opportunity to save the energy from the sun in batteries and export it to colder parts of Europe and to the Arctic? Or will there be new services needed to make sure solar cells are kept clean and in working condition? Or maybe land prices in barren desserts will shoot up because of the demand for laying out solar cells? Once we start asking these questions we will get incredible new opportunities.

Keep smiling and learning!

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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