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1366 Technologies Showcases Modules Featuring 3D Direct Wafer® Products

1366 Technologies Showcases Modules Featuring 3D Direct Wafer® Products


Collaboration with Q CELLS Accelerates Production Achievements for Thin Wafers with Thick Borders, Companies Display Prototype Q CELLS Q.ANTUM Module at SNEC 2019

BEDFORD, Mass.: Today at the SNEC 2019 PV Power Expo, silicon wafer manufacturer 1366 Technologies Inc. (“1366 Technologies” or “1366”) unveiled the first modules to feature the company’s 3D wafers or thin wafers with thick borders. The prototypes, produced with the company’s strategic partner Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. (Collectively “Q CELLS”), mark a major milestone for the Direct Wafer technology and moves 1366 Technologies closer to its goal of reducing silicon utilization during wafer manufacturing to less than 1.5 g/W.

With an expected power rating of approximately 360 watts, these modules use 1366’s high-performance, ultra-low-cost 3D Direct Wafer products as their base material. The wafers measure an average of 130 microns thick, with a border measuring the standard 180 microns. In mass production, the wafers will achieve a thickness of just 110 microns. This wafer format prevents breakage during cell and module assembly while still allowing for significant silicon savings.

“Earlier this year, in response to the rapid wafer price decline, 1366 made a strategic decision to accelerate the timeline for the 3D wafer feature. Together with Q CELLS, we’ve met every production target,” said Dr. Adam Lorenz, CTO, 1366 Technologies. “The most vital metrics in solar are cost and performance, and the 3D wafer feature allows innovative manufacturers like Q CELLS to deliver the industry’s best price performance ratio.”

The 3D wafers, produced at 1366’s demonstration factory, were assembled into Q.ANTUM DUO prototype modules at the Center for Technology Innovation and Quality in Thalheim, Germany. The six bus bar, 144 half-cell modules use components that are identical to those in Q CELLS’ general production.

“Q CELLS relentless pursuit of innovation is driven by our commitment to deliver the most value to our customers,” said Ji Weon (Daniel) Jeong, CTO of Q CELLS. “Thin wafers that are compatible with existing automation and equipment have long been an industry goal but are beyond the capabilities of mainstream wafer technologies. The continuous effort for technological innovation will play a role in Q CELLS’s continued industry leadership.”

The prototype module joins Q CELLS suite of photovoltaic products on display this week in the Q CELLS booth (N1-510) during the SNEC 2019 PV Power Expo, the largest trade show in China.

1366 Technologies is consistently recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies in energy. Its Direct Wafer® technology replaces a decades-old solar manufacturing process to make a superior class of silicon wafers, the building blocks of solar panels. These wafers deliver high performance and an unbeatable cost advantage to cell and module manufacturers seeking innovations that yield a significant reduction in levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and will help them win in the age of terawatt solar. 1366 Technologies is headquartered in Bedford, MA. For more information, please visit www.1366tech.com.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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