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H1 Chinese Inverter Brand Exports TOP 3:  Huawei, Growatt and Solis – 2019

H1 Chinese Inverter Brand Exports TOP 3: Huawei, Growatt and Solis – 2019


2019 H1 Chinese Inverter Brand Exports TOP 3: Huawei, Growatt and Solis

The global solar market is booming, and the Chinese inverter exports reach a record level in 2019 H1. According the data of China Customs, Huawei exported 113,086 inverters in the first half of the year and ranked No.1 among the Chinese inverter manufacturers. Growatt came after Huawei in the second place with 86,153 inverter exports, and Ginlong Solis in the third place with 78,114 inverter exports. GoodWe, Sungrow, SofarSolar and SolaX follow in the inverter export ranking.As shown in below chart, Huawei, Growatt, Solis and GoodWe are in the first tier inverter manufacturers that has exported over 70,000 inverters.

(Data Source: China Customs)

Strong Exports to Europe

The strong growth of Netherlands PV market has absorbed a large number of the Chinese inverter exports. Growatt shipped 43,487 inverters to Netherlands in the first half of 2019 and Huawei shipped 34,230 inverters, GoodWe 29,233 inverters,Solis 6,228 inverters, Sungrow 3,550 inverters and SofarSolar 8,849 inverters respectively.

(Data Source: China Customs)

The renewable energy sector in UK is observed with growth momentum, which benefits Solis and SolarX. Overall, the Chinese inverter manufacturers exported to key European solar markets, Netherlands, Italy,UK. And Belgium and Poland were viewed as the markets with good potential.

Impressive Growth in Australia and Americas

Apart from Europe, Chinese inverter manufacturers had their eyes on Australia. In Australia, Solis, Growatt, GoodWe and SolaX have taken a good pie of the market, all exporting over 10,000 inverters to the region.

Australia started encouraging the development of solar energy back in 2001, the same time when China stepped in to promote the growth of the industry. In 2009, Australia put forward with the feed-in tariffs policy and by the end of 2018, the country had installed a total capacity of over 11GW. Its residential sector is expected to reach installed capacity of over 10GW. Besides abundant solar resources, Australian market has many favorable conditions for the development of distributed PV generation with most Australian households living in independent houses or villas and a great number of independent public and commercial facilities.

In Americas, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico are the main destination of Chinese inverter exports. The growing Mexican solar market has imported a good number of inverters from Growatt, GoodWe and Solis. Brazil has also seen strong competition of the Chinese inverter brands. The US tariff on Chinese modules has affected the Chinese exports, but the Chinese manufacturers have quickly adjusted to the impact and turned to Latin America for growth.

Source: growatt
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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