Home Solar Off Grid & Roof Tops 23kW rooftop system commissioned at Dr Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute, Delhi
23kW rooftop system commissioned at Dr Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute, Delhi

23kW rooftop system commissioned at Dr Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute, Delhi


Title: Elevated rooftop Solar system at Dr. Bhatia Institute in Patel Nagar Delhi

 Name of the project: 23 kW Rooftop system with Net Metering at Dr. Bhatia Institute in West Patel Nagar, New Delhi

Plant Owner: Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute


On 29th November 2017 a rooftop solar system was commissioned  with Net Metering at the roof of Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute Located in West Patel Nagar in Delhi.

The system is designed and Installed by M/s Erigeron Energy Pvt. Ltd.a Gurgaon based company. Dr. Mukesh Bhatia himself was very concerned about the increasing pollution in Delhi and as his Institute is located at a very busy place in Delhi, he was keen to do something to clean the environment. He him self had attended a training with MNRE and knew the benefits of installing a solar system. When Erigeron Energy contacted them, he agreed to install one system but the challenge was that he wanted to use the roof as lots of students use the roof area to walk around. Then Erigeron Energy team suggested installing the system at an elevated platform so that the roof is not fully occupied.

A sturdy structure was designed using STAAD analysis to withstand a wind load of 150 kM/Hr. Over this structure solar modules were installed keeping in view the easy regular cleaning of the modules.

The system is expected to produce about 36000 units of green energy every year, which will reduce the electricity bill substantially.

Mr. Vinay Sood, Director-Operations of Erigeron Energy said that installing a rooftop solar system with Net Metering for all commercial & Industrial units is very cost effective as you don’t have to spend any money on the Battery storage. So whatever energy you produce on weekly off days or on holidays, It goes to the grid & you get a set off against the same in your energy bills.

Mr. Suresh Kumar also informed that for commercial installations, Govt. of India is giving 40% accelerated depreciation which gives a considerable saving in Income tax and makes a very good sense for business houses to go for solar.

Local DISCOMS in Delhi are very cooperative in timely clearances for net metering of new installations

Dr. Bhatia of DBMI wished all the best to Erigeron Energy and also appealed to the commercial sector to go for solar and save the environment.


Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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