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3G-ERES connects 3 Jordan hotels to grid

3G-ERES connects 3 Jordan hotels to grid


3G-ERES, a leader in solar energy systems, has connected three hotels in Jordan to its grid producing a total of 11.1MWp photovoltaic (PV) power. The three entities include the Arab International Hotels (Marriott Amman Hotel), Business Tourism Company (Marriott Dead Sea and Petra Hotel), and Dawliyah for Hotels & Malls’ (Sheraton Hotel). The connection of the three plants (respectively 2.6MWp; 5MWp; 3,5MWp) took place successfully in December 2016 and January 2017. The three plants are set to produce more than 25 Million kWh/yr, covering 100 per cent of the electrical needs of the hotels. Marriott and Sheraton, in Jordan, thus become the first five-star hotels in the world to be fully powered by solar energy.

In terms of a lower carbon footprint, the three PV Plant installations are set to save more than 10 million tonnes of CO2 per year and can be seen as the equivalent of planting an 800 donum (800,000 sq m) forest. 3G-ERES was contracted as the consultancy company of the Arab International Hotels, Business Tourism Company, and Dawliyah for Hotels & Malls, being the consultant, technical supervisor, tendering and contracting manager, and the owner’s engineer for the 11.1MWp solar plants. 3G-ERES will remain alongside the employer during the post-construction phase to ensure EPC guarantees through Performance Monitoring and to ensure an optimal O&M setup, a statement said.

The Marriott Amman Hotel’s 2.6MWp PV plant is set for a 5.8 million kWh/yr production and is located on an 80 donum surface near Mwaqqar (25km south-east of Amman). At the same location, the Sheraton Hotel’s 3.5 MWp solar plant is connected. The Sheraton’s plant has an expected 8.3 million kWh/yr production and occupies a 110 donum surface. The Marriott Dead Sea & Petra Hotel’s 5MWp PV plant has an expected yearly production of 11.2 million kWh and is built on a 170 donum parcel of land in the Karak district (Dhamikhi), 80km south of Amman. With the objective of maximizing the electrical production, the PV Plants include state-of-the-art single axis tracking structures enabling a increased module efficiency of more than 20 per cent.

CEO of 3G-ERES Umberto Albarosa said: “The strategic vision of the Marriott & Sheraton Owners in Jordan and the passionate commitment of their management team were the key drivers for this first-of-its-kind power wheeling project in the Hashemite Kingdom. This premier project in the private sector reflects Jordan’s leading role in the transition to green energy in the Middle East region.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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