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3GW’s of Solar Farm Partnerships Offered Up at Deep Discounts

3GW’s of Solar Farm Partnerships Offered Up at Deep Discounts


Innovative Solar Ventures I LP is an Early-Stage Solar Venture Firm. With nearly 3GW of Solar Projects under management, ISV invests in the completion of the design and development of ‘Utility Scale Solar Farm Projects” within the U.S. 68 Solar Projects are held by ISV, spanning across 7 states and, multiple markets. Pursuing the development of this large pool of projects creates a hedge, mitigating risks typically associated with early stage venture capital investments. All early stage design and development is performed and managed by our parent company, a leading developer of Solar Farm Projects within the U.S.

ISV presents a very unique opportunity, investing in early stage solar venture capital projects grouped within a large portfolio. The successful projects are netting well above average returns. In addition to the attractive returns, members of ISV, have early access to fully acquire the rights to the Solar Projects held by ISV. Not only can the members of ISV expect an excellent return on their investment, but have the ability to acquire the premium Solar Projects at preferred rates before they hit the market.
It is no secret that the superior Solar Projects rarely, if ever hit the market for acquisition. They are acquired during the early stages of development by the investors and institutions that fund this work. Members of ISV can contribute anywhere from $5Mill – $30Mill US Dollars in the LP’s for above average net returns and early access to acquire premium solar farm projects. This rare and unique opportunity to gain access to early stage premium Solar Projects is going to pass quickly.

Source: PRNewswire
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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