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Alfen Supplies 12MW Energy Storage System for Vattenfall’s Hybrid Energy Park

Alfen Supplies 12MW Energy Storage System for Vattenfall’s Hybrid Energy Park


Vattenfall is currently building its first hybrid energy park in the southwest of the Netherlands: Haringvliet Zuid. In energy park Haringvliet Zuid, Vattenfall combines wind energy, solar energy, and energy storage. Alfen supplies the 12MW energy storage system. This system is intended to keep the electricity grid in balance and can be used for sustainable energy storage in the future.

Alfen’s 12MW energy storage system has a modular design and consists of several units. In total it contains 288 BMW batteries that are identical to those used in electric cars. In addition to supplying the energy storage system, Alfen also provides full integration with the local energy network, providing the energy storage system with the necessary switching equipment and remote control.

Once the park is operational, it will consist of six wind turbines of approximately 22MW, a solar park with 115,000 solar panels, and a 12MW Alfen energy storage system. The expected power of this energy park is approximately 60MW, which corresponds to the electricity consumption of 40,000 Dutch households.

Wind and sun have the potential to complement each other very well in terms of electricity production. For example, during the winter months, when the sun shines less, the wind has high production months. In contrast, the sun has its optimal months in the summer when there is generally less wind. This combination ensures that a more stable production profile, or more constant energy production, is created. The battery storage makes the production profile even more consistent because the surplus electricity can be stored. If there is not enough wind or sun, green electricity can be supplied from the batteries. In addition, frequency control is provided which ensures that the electricity grid remains in balance.

Daan Terpstra, responsible for Battery projects at Vattenfall, says, “Vattenfall wants to make fossil-free living possible within one generation. We are investing heavily in wind and sun and believe that the combination with batteries is a nice addition to this. Energy park Haringvliet Zuid is our first hybrid park and we have high expectations for it. We have found a reliable partner in Alfen. It’s great that we can work, learn, and improve together.”

Stephanie Schockaert, Sales Manager Energy Storage Solutions at Alfen, adds, “Batteries and renewable energy sources are an ideal combination. Renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy, do not provide continuous energy. Alfen’s energy storage systems ensure that the electricity grid is kept in balance, that green energy can be supplied in the event of energy shortages and that, in the event of too much energy, energy can be stored so that these sustainable sources can be used optimally. We are pleased that we can contribute to the optimization of green energy sources together with our partner Vattenfall.”

Source: renewableenergymagazine
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network