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Andaltia invest 400 million solar plant Zarcilla

Andaltia invest 400 million solar plant Zarcilla


In the hamlet of Zarcilla plant Lorca Solar photovoltaic solar energy that will be operational in 2020. Yesterday Andaltia business group presented the main details of the project will cost 400 million euros will be built, “the largest private investment planned in the municipality “as stated by the mayor, Francisco Jodar.Work will begin in 2018 as vice president of strategic forward Andaltia Pedro Sanchez, after signing an agreement of intent with the Consistory to promote the project. Since 2008 we have been working on the initiative that was unveiled in 2011 “with the philosophy that Lorca Solar was a plant without subsidies, no premiums and no aid” Sanchez said.

The strategic company vice president argued that the intention of Andaltia is “banking can be produced at the end of 2017. And a year later start construction, although work will continue for at least a year and a half. “The project is pending to solve a couple of administrative fringes,” he acknowledged.The planned initial investment has dropped by almost half, he explained Pedro Sanchez, who said that “technology has been able to go lowering their costs”, so that the planned budget right now for the construction of solar platform is of around 400 million euros.Lorca generate 333 megawatts of solar energy annually, enough to supply nearly 167,000 households electricity. It will avoid the emission into the atmosphere of 475,000 tons of carbon dioxide and the use of 200,000 tons of oil equivalent per year. The project already has the environmental impact statement and is processed at the moment the record of public utility for evacuation line. The document is in the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism “for six or seven months ago because there have been allegations” Sanchez said.

That evacuation line is a power line that will have a length of about 40 kilometers and linking the photovoltaic solar plant from Zarcilla with Aledo. Of the allegations made Andaltia representative said his company has “full willingness to talk and see the best solution to any dispute that arises.”The mayor said that the magnitudes being considered for this plant are “extraordinary” and recalled that will be built on land that is “a wilderness” and that get a significant added value to the future plant, called to be the largest in Europe its kind, which will set population in an area that tends to lose inhabitants. The staff will be hired Lorca, Totana and Aledo.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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