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Anne Hidalgo Damrémont visit the school, which benefited from the energy performance contract from the City of Paris

Anne Hidalgo Damrémont visit the school, which benefited from the energy performance contract from the City of Paris


The energy efficiency actions carried out in this school are part of an energy performance contract (EPC) 140 Parisian schools, launched by the City of Paris and funded by the community of € 84 million in the Program investment of the mandate. This contract was won in March 2016 by the group Engie Cofely (Engie Group) – ARTELIA Building & Industry (Group ARTELIA) following a call for tenders [1] . According to the specifications, and Engie ARTELIA it commit to a minimum 30% reduction in energy consumption through renovation of these facilities. 42 schools have already been renovated. Work will continue during the school holidays in 2017 and 2018.

This CPE is part of Climate Energy Plan launched by the City of Paris in 2012, the two main objectives are to reduce by 30% CO 2 and 30% the energy consumption of the municipal park. Suitable for architectural and thermal characteristics of each school, these actions relate to both:

  • building renovation, interior or exterior insulation, joinery review …;
  • renovation of boiler rooms;
  • the implementation of an intelligent system monitoring and remote control of energy performance, ensuring optimized management of consumption;
  • leveraging the innovative technologies of objects connected to the service of the energy transition to make buildings smarter and more energy-efficient .

On the occasion of this visit, Isabelle Kocher said: “Engie is pleased to contribute – through concrete solutions combining energy technologies and digital – the Climate Energy Plan of the City of Paris. This contract illustrates the logic of co-construction that we wish to work with all our customers. “

Clocheret Benedict said : “ARTELIA is proud to be a player in this partnership with the city of Paris. We contribute in particular to the design and management of work programs, and the energy performance. ” “The Energy Performance Contract of the City of Paris is unique, innovative and large, following the ambitions of our Energy Plan Climate and the Paris Agreement of December 2015. We are pleased that the little Parisians are the first to benefit, ” stated Alexandra Cordebard, Assistant to the Mayor of Paris in charge of school affairs, Celia Blauel, Assistant to the Mayor of Paris in charge of Climate Plan Territorial Energy, and Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge urban planning and architecture.

Ensure the comfort of more than 21,000 students, teachers and municipal employees, throughout the year, is the first requirement of the project involves:

  • the change of the most antiquated boilers;
  • the establishment of self-balancing valves on each radiator, for homogenizing the temperature of each zone and ensure thermal comfort in all circumstances;
  • the temperature sensor installation and presence in every classroom and playground to heat only the really busy areas;
  • the establishment of a switch for heating in each class, allowing if necessary to return the reduced mode to comfort even outside the usual schedule.

The entire control of local (set temperature and time schedule) is grouped in a connected system that allows control consumption while ensuring occupant comfort.

Extensive work

Across the 140 schools, the scope of work that will be completed in 2018 is summarized in figures, with more than 1600 energy performance shares retained:

  • 52 000 m 2 of revised joinery
  • 20 500 m 2 of roof insulation
  • 24 insulation of interior or exterior facades
  • 53 modernized boiler
  • 9160 LED lights installed
  • 6800 thermostatic valves controlled remotely installed

For each school, work is scheduled on school holidays at once to minimize the inconvenience to students and teachers.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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