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Arctech Skyline Tracking System: Combined Benefits of All Single Row Trackers

Arctech Skyline Tracking System: Combined Benefits of All Single Row Trackers


SHANGHAI: Large-scale solar plants located on regular land are gradually scaling down, while some of solar plants set up on irregular lands cannot always fully utilize their capabilities. To meet this challenge, Arctech Solar launched its innovative Skyline tracking system.

Compared with regular single row tracking systems, Skyline is a flexible and cost-effective solution for PV plants, especially for projects on irregular land, and bring significant economic value to investors. Skyline has six key features:

  • New, lighter and lower cost specially designed torque tube,ย easy to installWithย aย specially designed torque tube, Skyline can greatly improveย installation efficiency and reduce installation costs
  • Strong wind-resistanceย With the specially designed torque tube and one moduleย with aย portrait design, Skyline hasย high-resistance toย high wind loads
  • Singleย button debuggingWithย justย one button, Skyline can greatly improveย work efficiencyย and reduce the workload of debugging onsite
  • LoRa-wireless communication: long range, lower powerย consumptionEquipped with the latest communication technology–LoRa Wireless, Skyline has lower consumption and larger coverage range (8km) to keep the signal stable under various climateย conditions
  • Industrial record 20% N-S slopeSkyline adapts to 20% N-S slope, equivalent to 11.3 degrees, which is the largest N-S slope ever inย theย tracker industry
  • String-powered system with back-up Li-ion batteryThere is no need for auxiliary powerย as the motor is powered byย aย string of solar module. Plus, the back-up Li-ion battery can be used to bring the tracker to the safety position when needed

As of now, Arctech Solar’s cumulative order of Skyline has already reached over 500MWp inย Mexicoย andย Vietnam. Toย learnย about Skyline at:ย http://www.arctechsolar.us/index.php/product/skyline_tracking

About Arctech Solar

Arctech Solar is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and solution providers of solar tracking and racking systems. In the past 9 years, Arctech Solar has successfully set up overseas subsidiaries/service centers in America,ย India,ย Japan,ย Spainย andย Mexico. As of the end of 2017, Arctech Solar has cumulatively installed 13.5GW capacity and completed 800 projects in 15 countries. With a production capacity of 6GW and 4GW in fixedย theย mounting structure and tracker fieldsrespectively (a total annual capacity of 10GW), Arctech Solar is now a reliable partner in the global PV tracking and racking industry.

Source: Arctech Solar
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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