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Array Technologies Surpasses 11,000 MW Years of Tracker Operation

Array Technologies Surpasses 11,000 MW Years of Tracker Operation


Array Technologies, Inc. (ATI), the world-leading supplier of solar tracking technology, is proud to announce that it has officially surpassed 5.6 GW of trackers shipped globally. Thanks to ATI’s pioneering role and long track record in the solar industry, the company is also celebrating its unique milestone of 11,000 MW years of reliable tracker operation – invaluable experience that is advantageous to solar installers and owners in the form of lower risk, higher reliability, and field-proven technology.

“As an energy generation technology, solar has become a megatrend,” explains ATI Founder and CEO, Ron Corio. “I have had the great pleasure of witnessing explosive growth in solar over the past decade, including the rapid adoption of trackers, a technology we pioneered 27 years ago. We are proud to have played a part in this transformation thanks to the support of loyal customers who value our tracking system’s high reliability, unparalleled flexibility, and ease of installation.”

ATI’s latest market-leading product, DuraTrack HZ v3, showcases a terrain-following design that is flexible in nature and high in reliability thanks to a minimization of potential failure points. With a revolutionary operational feature that allows the tracker to respond automatically to environmental forces, this battery-free and stow-free tracker eliminates both costs and risks to solar asset owners. The DuraTrack HZ v3’s high density boosts production while saving on land, wiring and vegetation management and is complemented by ATI’s untouchable operational uptime of 99.99%.

Solar energy continues to grow rapidly in the United States, and ground-mount installations are a major driving force with slightly over 15 GW operational to date according to industry experts. This tremendous milestone speaks to the rapidly declining cost of utility-scale solar as it has become increasingly competitive with coal and gas. With over 5 GW of ATI systems deployed, one in every three ground-mounted solar modules ever installed in the United States is mounted on ATI technology.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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