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AZUR SPACE SOLAR POWER GmbH Selected for Solar Cell Long Term Purchase Agreement by SPACE SYSTEMS LORAL

AZUR SPACE SOLAR POWER GmbH Selected for Solar Cell Long Term Purchase Agreement by SPACE SYSTEMS LORAL


HEILBRONN, Germany, Sept. 7, 2017 — AZUR SPACE SOLAR POWER GmbH, a leading provider of high-efficiency solar cells, assemblies and panels for both space and terrestrial power applications, announced today that it has been awarded a Multi-Year, Long-Term Purchase Agreement (LTPA) for high-efficiency, multi-junction space solar cells by Space Systems Loral (SSL) to support SSL’s next generation solar arrays. In the future, many of SSL’s solar arrays will be powered by AZUR SPACE’s industry-best 3G30C-Advanced solar cell, the most radiation-hardened cell available today, providing outstanding End of Life (EOL) performance. The period of performance for the LTPA contract is from 2017 through 2020 with options for additional years. The 3G30C-Advanced solar cells will be produced at AZUR SPACE’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in Heilbronn, Germany.

AZUR SPACE has been supplying the Space community for over 50 years and specifically with high-efficiency, multi-junction solar cells for the last 15 years. “Our entrance into the USA multi-junction solar cell market two years ago has been wonderfully received by solar cell, assembly and panel customers as evidenced by SSL’s confidence and trust in AZUR SPACE by selecting us as their solar cell partner for the next 3+ years,” said Juergen Heizmann, Managing Director at AZUR SPACE. “This is a very important milestone for AZUR SPACE. We are honored to be selected by SSL in this very competitive procurement.”

Added Juergen Heizmann, “Our extensive on-orbit heritage with 100% mission success combined with our manufacturing expertise, next generation technology commitment and unparalleled reliability will continue to make AZUR SPACE the leading choice for power solutions in the worldwide satellite industry. We look forward to continue providing our current 3G30C-Advanced cell as well as our next generation products soon to come.”

“We are very pleased to establish a long-term purchase agreement with AZUR SPACE, which is an important supplier to SSL,” stated Vivian Mackintosh, Vice President of Supply Chain Management at SSL. “We work closely with suppliers, such as AZUR SPACE, which are part of our extended team, and together we build some of the world’s most reliable and highest performing spacecraft.”

About SSL
Space Systems Loral (SSL), based in Palo Alto, California, is a leading provider of advanced spacecraft systems, with broad expertise to support commercial and government satellite operators and innovative space missions. The company designs and manufactures spacecraft for services such as direct-to-home television, video content distribution, broadband internet, mobile communications, in-orbit servicing, space exploration, and Earth observation. As a Silicon Valley innovator for 60 years, SSL’s advanced product line includes state-of-the-art small satellites, and sophisticated robotics and autonomous solutions for remote operations. SSL is a subsidiary of SSL MDA Holdings, Inc., a U.S. operating company. For more information, visit www.sslmda.com.

AZUR SPACE, based in Heilbronn, Germany, is a leading provider of high-performance multi junction solar cells for SPACE and terrestrial CPV applications and other opto-electronic products. AZUR SPACE develops and manufactures high-efficiency space solar cells and coverglass-interconnected-cells (CICs) as well as offers solar panels for all space power applications. AZUR SPACE has been active in the space solar cell market since 1964 and has supplied solar cells for more than 500 satellites to date. Not a single in-orbit failure and a stringent technology roadmap underline AZUR SPACE’s commitment to high quality, leading edge space products. For more information about AZUR SPACE, visit http://www.azurspace.com

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