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Bangalore University Goes Solar Way To Meet Power Demand

Bangalore University Goes Solar Way To Meet Power Demand


Bangalore University has been facing a lot of power cut recently and now, the university is turning its focus towards renewable sources of energy. The university will be doing this by installing a 250-kilowatt solar power generation unit on the rooftop of the administrative block. The frequent power cuts that used to happen were responsible for the dismissal of the classes and hence an appropriate solution had become the need of the hour.

Registrar KN Ninge Gowda said that the power cuts used to interfere a lot while conducting research. To address this issue, the varsity plans to install solar panels on the terrace. A 250-kilowatt solar power generation unit will be installed on the roof of the administrative block. “Currently all the electricity is supplied by Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited. About seven years ago, we had installed solar panels on the hostel but they are not functional. We plan to revive them,” he added.

The power cut has also interfered with the classes and creating problems for the students. It is because for most of the work, machines are needed and the with the power cut in place, the machines become useless. The frequent power cuts forced the varsity to take this step as the cuts used to happen three to four times in a class of one hour.

In that case, it is very important to use the power judiciously. And all the university officials are working towards the same. Energy needs to be conserved in order to save the environment and the future generation as well. All the power available on the campus should be used in specified way. The university has also now shifted to LED bulbs and certain changes have been made in the buildings so that more and more light can enter the building.

The university will soon be installing a biogas plant along with a waste-to-compost unit. With the help of these two, the students can easily cook in the hostel and it will help in saving up of a large amount of energy. All the green waste that is generated in the campus will be put off for a good use.

Bangalore University is in news for a lot of good reasons. Recently, the university decided that it will adopt two girl students. It also decided that the orphan students would be offered free education to two of the programmes, one would be post graduate and the other one would be Ph.D.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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