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BayWa re sells Innergex wind farms of 24 MW in France

BayWa re sells Innergex wind farms of 24 MW in France


BayWa re sells wind farm Montjean Theil-Rabier, located 150 kilometers north of Bordeaux . The buyer is a joint subsidiary of Innergex Renewable Energy Inc., developer, owner and operator of renewable energy projects, and Pension Plan Desjardins, a Quebec pension fund. This is the second sale of a wind farm performed this semester by BayWa re after the site of Saint-Congard (Britain) in September.Once the project of 24 MW commissioned in December 2016, BayWa re will provide technical and commercial management of the park. Completion of the transaction is scheduled for the end of the year.

The wind farm Montjean Theil-Rabier has twelve Vestas V 110 with a hub height of 95 meters. Can Nalbantoglu , President of BayWa re and France SAS responsible for French wind projects, added: ” The installation of our own post source allows us to connect the turbines and ‘ inject our green power directly to the transport network ‘ electricity . In the future, more than 25 000 households will be well supplied with clean energy. ” In total, BayWa re has installed and commissioned in France five wind farms with a total output of 74 MW. The company also provides technical and commercial management of 200 MW of wind and solar power plants in the French market.

” The success of this sale encourages us to continue to ‘ invest in France . N e plan to sell another wind farm in the coming weeks and we started the construction of three new projects for a total output of about 54 MW , ” says Matthias Taft , Director of the Energy segment of BayWa AG. ” We will also sustainably develop our business in the field of solar energy and services . Our aim is thus to strengthen our competitive position especially in France , the ‘ one of the main markets of BayWa re . “

BayWa re GmbH renewable energy (BayWa re) :

BayWa re renewable energy GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of BayWa AG, comprises the Group’s activities in the fields of solar energy, wind power, bioenergy and geothermal. With approximately 1,000 employees and 25 years experience, BayWa re, which is headquartered in Munich , is active worldwide. Partner offering a full range of services, BayWa re develops, produces, manages projects in the field of renewable energy and offers advice on the matter. In addition, the group provides operational monitoring and maintenance of power plants. Its business activities also include the distribution of photovoltaic components and the purchase and sale of energy from renewable sources. The parent company BayWa AG is an international trading and services group whose main industries are agriculture, energy and construction. The French subsidiary of BayWa re is present on the French market for wind and solar. BayWa re France designs, develops and operates power plants in partnership with local partners.

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