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Best Project Partner of Growatt UK

Best Project Partner of Growatt UK


Shenzhen, China: Growatt New Energy Technology Co. Ltd., a global manufacturer of high efficiency solar inverters and energy storage systems, is delighted to award Project Solar UK (PJUK) Best Project Partner in UK. The Awards Presentation Ceremony  was held at Growatt’s corporate headquarters. Present were Simon Peat, Managing Director of Project solar UK, and Steve Wallace, Procurement manager of  Project solar UK, Frank Qiao, one of founders from Growatt .

We have been working with our UK clients since 2013 and experienced the process of grid subsidies FiT from peak to none. Based on long-term pleasant cooperation, we award Best Project Partner to our loyal customer PJUK.

This award recognizes our Project Solar UK (PJUK) that has demonstrated excellence in management and leadership, customer relations, supplier relations and energy  contributions. Growatt has established a framework for developing the UK market over the past several years, since the significant reduction in subsidies in the UK in 2016, and is one of the first manufacturers to introduce residential battery energy storage systems there.

Our customers are very interested in our household energy storage products. Due to cancellation of FiT subsidy for power grids, we are working in UK to develop a household energy storage system that complies with the UK grid frequency regulation. This can not only satisfy the family’s peak load and valley filling, but also respond to the requirements of power grid frequency modulation. That creates a new business model without PV subsidies.

“We are excited to get the award ‘Best Project Partner’ in UK,” said Simon Peat, Managing Director of Project Solar UK , “Over the past years we focus on penetration of research and development,  and supply smart PV solutions and nice service offerings. We are grateful to our customers who choose our inverters for their solar projects.”

Apart from the cooperation in energy storage systems, we also have in-depth cooperation in other new energy products, such as intelligent AC EV charger.

Let us take a look at the new energy products and know more about AC EV charger.

“PV + energy storage + EV charger” will form a multi-source-complementary micro-grid system that can realize photovoltaic self-consumption, spare electricity storage and meanwhile provide green energy to electric vehicles. EVA AC EV charger is easy to use and efficient. The human-machine-interface provides smart charger management. Output power can be automatically adjusted but also manageable remotely with WIFI or 4G, protocol complies with European OCPP v1.6 standards. In terms of protection, EVA AC EV charger has IP65 protection level, comprehensive electrical and temperature protection, support harsh environment application. Installation of the charger is also flexible with both pole-mounting or wall-mounting options.

The PV market trend in UK in 2019 and 2020 pushes Growatt to develop and produce more powerful, safer and more efficient new inverters for customers. Dedication to the research of smart energy solutions and supply of smart energy products is always Growatt ’s pursuit.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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