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BIG SUN’s iPV Tracker Actively Expands Globally, Will Soon Lead Dual-Axis PV Market

BIG SUN’s iPV Tracker Actively Expands Globally, Will Soon Lead Dual-Axis PV Market


Solar industry exhibitions this year experienced significant increases in the proportion of solar tracking systems. Due to limited land resources, the overall investment returns of solar tracking systems far exceeds that of fixed-type PV systems, which was reflected by the market’s purchase orders. Savvy PV investors have been anticipating new and advanced products that they hope will bring about more efficiency, with emphasis on lowering costs, increasing generation capacity, reducing operation repairs and maintenance frequencies.

BIG SUN Group is continuously committed to the development and promotion of their dual-axis iPV Tracker. They have obtained numerous international patents for their dual-axis solar tracking system. Its universal axis and cable driven mechanism allows for 360 degrees horizontal tilt for optimal sun tracking angle. Compared to fixed-tilted PV systems, the annual power generation output of the iPV Tracker may go up by 30-50%, depending on location, while only increasing cost by 8-10%. “But, we are still not satisfied,” stated Big Sun Group’s Chairman Summer Luo. “We continuously strive for excellence in our iPV Tracker with an aim to contribute positively to the global green energy environment.”

As a global leader in solar tracking systems, the BIG SUN Group is constantly improving and innovating, which has enabled the dual-axis iPV Tracker to be recognized for many achievements including the Industry Innovation Award (2013) presented by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Top 10 Highlights Award (2015) at the SNEC PV Expo. This year, the iPV Tracker has undergone new design changes in wind resistance, weight bearing capacity, and stability, while at the same time, effectively reducing cost, simplifying operation and maintenance. With these improvements, the ROI rate of the iPV Tracker may be 3.3 times, which addresses a main concern for PV power plant investors.

BIG SUN Group and Chailease Finance Co., Ltd. have jointly developed the world’s largest rooftop dual-axis solar tracking system at 840 kW in Pingtung, Taiwan. The annual power efficiency increase compared to fixed-tilted PV systems, within 5km of the same area, is expected to exceed 35%. Recently, the government issued an initiative releasing 3,800 hectare for agriculture and solar use. This initiative will be a great opportunity for iPV Tracker to extend its feature by increasing power generation capability, integrating agriculture and animal husbandry, bringing multiple incomes from three different industries.

BIG SUN Group has set their sights on expanding the global deployment of the iPV Tracker. The company has recently signed an agreement to install a 5-MW project in Japan. Furthermore, over half of China’s ten largest green energy groups are in various stages of evaluating the iPV Tracker, most notably, the TBEA demonstration site in Xinjiang, China. With the distribution network laid out in Japan and several international strategic agreements in place, next year is forecasted to experience an exponential volume of orders from Japan, China, India, Europe, and the USA.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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