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Biggest Floating Solar Plant in India

Biggest Floating Solar Plant in India



CIEL & TERRE India, Subsidiary of CIEL & TERRE INTERNATIONAL, Global leader in floating solar, has successfully completed the plant engineering, float supply, supervision of the 14.7 MWp at Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation (SPIC) Limited, in its water storage pond in Thoothukudi in the State of Tamil Nadu.

Hydrelio® patent Equato floats, locally manufactured under “Make in India” campaign mounted 37,632 photovoltaic panels with 390 Wp capacity, over an area of 15.6 hectares. This plant will produce competitive electricity and avoid more than 18686 tons of CO2 emissions.

CIEL & TERRE INDIA Managing Director, Deepak Ushadevi said “a captive project like this will benefit the industry from a competitive price compared to the grid & we can replicate the same model on other industrial reservoirs such as steel, thermal, fertilizers, cement, chemical, etc.

Since we have high valued investors to finance similar projects, industries should utilize suchbenefits.

Over the years, Ciel & Terre® has gained vast expertise and strong experience in the installation of large-scale floating PV plants on artificial and freshwater reservoirs, our team has a thorough understanding of floating PV’s challenges and accordingly assisted our SPIC customer in the realization of the biggest floating plant in this country despite the covid19 pandemic challenges, this demonstrated our valued commitment and capabilities”.

In 2019, CIEL & TERRE INDIA commissioned its first pilot 452 KWp project at CIAL Cochin, followed by the second project 5.4 MWp at Sagardighi thermal power plant, West Bengal last year being the biggest grid-connected floating plant in India as of today’s date.

Currently, CIEL & TERRE INDIA is executing the mega floating project to the size of 75 MWp in South India and is expected to commission by Oct 2021, the Hydrelio floats are being produced from 150 MWp/year production capacity factory by CIEL & TERRE INDIA at Kerala.

This year CIEL & TERRE INTERNATIONAL, launched a Global R&D center in Bangalore for innovative engineering and new product development activities.

CIEL & TERRE INTERNATIONAL, with more than a decade of solar experience, is indulged in implementing 1.2GWp of floating projects in 32 countries, 285+ bankable projects executed in 5 continents & reduced more than 510000 Tons of carbon footprints.

Acknowledging the milestones, CIEL & TERRE INDIA Chairman, Stephane Provoust said “We are fully devoted to floating PV and our track record makes the company become the most experienced group in ‘Floating PV’, especially thanks to ‘all-in-one’ solutions and high quality of services.”

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network