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B’lore’ s Solar Energy-driven School Raises the ‘Power Bar’

B’lore’ s Solar Energy-driven School Raises the ‘Power Bar’


It’s not only the education pattern and the curriculum which is evolving with the changing times but also the schools, as is seen through the initiative launched by the Canadian International School, (CIS) Bengaluru, which has switched to solar energy in a bid to harvest and source electricity to meet the school’s electricity needs. However, the difference is evident when the school goes a step beyond and donates unused energy to the villages surrounding the school.

Claiming that the Canadian International School, Bengaluru (CIS) nurtures a goal of becoming carbon neutral, Shweta Sastri, Executive Director of the school said, “The project, which was initiated in late November 2015, is aimed at reducing carbon footprint and taking care of all of CIS’ electricity needs. Besides, the excess electricity generated will be diverted towards lighting up neighbouring households. The project which was launched on March 22, 2016, coincides with the 20th anniversary of our school.”A source from the school revealed that they consumed approximately 4,30,000 KW of electricity in 2015. So, in order to further bring down the usage, they installed the solar plant that can generate up to 5,00,000 KW of electricity, producing an excess of 70,000KW per year, which is distributed to the neighbouring villages.

“The unconsumed energy produced by the solar grids in our school is later distributed to the surrounding villages, which is capable of meeting the electricity needs of 150 households,” affirmed Shweta. The school is entitled to certain tax benefits and of course the credit balance for excess energy production.The Government of Karnataka buys the excess energy from the school in the form of clean energy, which they distribute to villages and households that have electricity requirements, Shweta said.

Source: Newindian Express
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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