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Boosting PV Plant Performance: The Role of Full-Scene PV Intelligent Cleaning Robots – EQ

Boosting PV Plant Performance: The Role of Full-Scene PV Intelligent Cleaning Robots – EQ


In India’s ever-expanding PV industry, where 10 GW of PV plants are increased annually, a unique challenge looms large – soil loss. This challenge, driven by air pollution, results in a soiling loss rate in power plants as high as 17%-25%, well above the global average.To exacerbate matters, the scarcity of water resources has limited the traditional module cleaning method that involves water.

In this context, adoption of cutting-edge robotic cleaning solutions is the answer to this situation. Sunpure, with its innovative and highly effective cleaning technology, is leading the way towards a sustainable cleaning future.

Inherent advantages paired with customized solutions for India

Sunpure’s intelligent PV cleaning solution holds distinct advantages in India:

  • It is a fully automatic intelligent cleaning solution to make sure waterless operation. For every 10 MW power plant cleaned three times per year, it consumes around 2,000 tons of water annually. However, the robotic cleaning solution requires no water and significantly enhances the water’s sustainability.
  • It is module friendly, and the cleaning brush can operate reliably whether in high or low temperatures, which is also anti-UV aging and can offer an effective solution to dust pollution;
  • The SmartPure Cloud Platform, offers intelligent, convenient, efficient, and secure methods to remote monitoring and management;
  • By significantly reducing operational costs, alleviating O&M pressures, and lowering the LCOE, it makes PV plants more profitable;
  • A local technical team in MENA region provides a response service commitment within 24 hours.
  • As a newcomer in the Indian market, Sunpure has developed rapidly and established firm collaborations with leading companies such as AMP, CleanMax, and Sprng Energy, among others, making Sunpure an indispensable supplier of PV cleaning robots in this market.

For the next step, Sunpure will continue to engage the Indian market, accelerate the localization process, understand local demands, shorten the service response time and provide more cost-effective services to serve clients in India.

About Sunpure

Sunpure Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Sunpure), headquartered in Hefei, China, is the leading PV Cleaning Robotics supplier. Established in 2019, Sunpure has continuously optimized and promoted global service by setting up branches and offices in China, KSA, UAE, Australia, Chile, India, and other regions. Sunpure has been concentrating on consistently providing convenient, reliable, and innovative solar module cleaning robotic solutions which are compatible with all industry-leading modules and mounting/tracking systems suppliers over the past years. SUNPURE has signed PV Cleaning Robot for a cumulative 8GW+ globally.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network