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Bosch will be using Ethereum at electric vehicle charging stations

Bosch will be using Ethereum at electric vehicle charging stations


Bosch recently announced its partnership with Ethereum for improving the car charging stations all over Germany. The purpose of this partnership is to station blockchain technology and smart contracts based car-charging stations. Bosch is not cementing any of its decisions just yet and is experimenting with the varieties available.

Bosch has also collaborated with EnBW for testing an archetype of car charging stations backed up by the blockchain technology. Bosch happens to be a subdivision of the Robert Bosch the leading German engineering and technology company. Bosch’s officials commented on the product stating that the whole motivation behind the manufacturing of this product is to make the customer happy.

The main goal is to polish the entire processes involved to be more customer friendly. This allows the customer to customize what they need in the platform and as a result, have an exemplary experience with the company.

All of the processes like making transactions, reservations and payments are automated on the blockchain technology. The customer will get personalized recommendations for charging stations as well. Bosch’s official website mentions Ethereum saying that it provides help to a variety of projects. In Bosch’s case, it is automatically charging and paying car points.

This is not Ethereum’s first time collaborating with such a company. Previously Ethereum partnered up with Innogy Innovation Hub. Innogy Innovation Hub is a subdivision of RWE and it stations over a thousand car charging stations all over Germany. All of these car charging stations are powered by Ethereum’s blockchain technology. Ethereum’s blockchain technology is being used in many other places aside from this. Ethereum’s blockchain technology is also under research by Siemens.

Source: cryptopolitan
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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